About JCHN

What is the Jefferson County Health Network?

Jefferson County Health Network (JCHN) is a collaboration of organizations and professionals that are dedicated to the health and well-being of Jefferson County, Missouri residents.

How are you defining health?

Physical and behavioral health, wellness, prevention and quality of life.

How did it start?

The Jefferson County Health Department is the catalyst and convener of JCHN. Supporters include Jefferson Foundation and the Missouri Foundation for Health.

What does JCHN do?

Through a planning process, more than 40 organizations identified priorities that will improve access to health resources for Jefferson County. These include:

  1. a stronger resource and referral system
  2. access to general health information
  3. the recruitment and retention of Jefferson County health professionals

JCHN is working to deliver on these priorities. Later, JCHN will be in place to continue to strengthen health and wellness services in Jefferson County.

Can I join? I want to learn more!

Contact Jaclyn Brown at jaclyn.brown@jeffcohealth.org.