Health Care Literacy Task Force

Next Meeting

February 25, 2020 | 9:30–10:30 am | at the Hillsboro Jefferson County Health Department (JCHD)

Task Force Goals

  1. Convene partners to create a collaborative approach to improving Health Literacy.
  2. Identify needs for improvement around Health Literacy.
  3. Develop strategies to address the needs identified in Goal 2.

Task Force Progress

  • The task force designed a 14 question survey to get feedback from organizations about the health information they are delivering.
  • Over 50 people responded to the survey!
  • The task force analyzed the results and decided they need more information about the client side of health literacy.
  • The task force reviewed client feedback the Health Department had previously gathered.
  • The task force identified that people take in information very differently and they discussed ways to bridge the gaps.

Task Force Updates

  • The task force is working on a Community Health Worker model that will address the gaps the task force identified through the feedback and survey review.
  • The task force is discussing the logistics of this model and next steps.

Join us!

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